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The Caldor Fire Current Situation

Here’s the current situation with the Caldor Fire in the Sierra Foothills wine country. The above pic is looking across Fair Play towards the fire. The below pic is looking across Pleasant Valley towards the fire. Black lines are the bulldozer lines.

For three days we have had favorable weather and winds, and that has allowed the fire crews to establish nice dozer lines that are supported by significant back burns. We have been able to be on the offensive. But now it is the fire’s turn. With shifting winds and temperatures close to 100 over the next 3-4 days, we’ll be playing defense and hoping 🙏🙏🙏 those lines hold. The crews are confident they’ve contained the fire here, but this fire has a life of its own, so I’m going to keep holding my breath for the next few days. I’ve shown the wineries most in harm’s way if the lines do not hold. Remember, though, that even if the lines do hold, these wineries are significantly affected by this fire. It is hurting the ability to harvest and make wine, and it is potentially tainting the grapes. After a couple of difficult years for these small, independent wineries, this is the last thing they need. So, whether the fire directly affects these wineries or not, please do what you can to support them. And if you don’t know by now, these Foothills wines are amazing! For more info on these wineries and the region: 🥂


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