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The Caldor Fire Continues to Threaten Fair Play

The Caldor Fire looks to not be backing down from the Slug Gulch ridge, so here’s a little bit more about the area using this topography map. At the top of the ridge is the Slug Gulch Plateau, a 3400-ft high, generally flattish section about a half mile long and a quarter mile wide. At the western end of the plateau, is the mouth of Perry Creek. The Perry Creek valley falls off steeply from here to the 2200-ft valley floor (Fair Play). On the south edge of the plateau (across Omo Ridge Road) is a small ridge. On the other side is the mouth of Cedar Creek that leads into the Cedar Creek valley. This valley is rugged and remote and would be hard to fight a fire in. Cedar Creek Ranch winery and Morse/ Il Gioiello Winery are in this valley. This valley is a straight shot to Fiddletown and to the mouth of the Shenandoah Valley in Amador. Looking at the forecasts, I don’t see the kinds of winds that would be necessary to push this thing to the Shenandoah Valley, but if it sticks around long enough, you never know. If we can just keep the fire from progressing off of that plateau, all will be good on this end of the fire. If it comes off that plateau, Fair Play is in trouble, and Amador will need to keep an eye out.


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