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The Caldor Fire Advances Toward Wine Country

Here are some of the Sierra Foothills wineries most in harm’s way from the Caldor Fire at this time. The dark spots show the newest activity. The fire is pushing mostly to the northeast. However, there was overnight activity on the west from the nighttime easterly breezes which were fortunately very light last night. Today, things should continue to work north and east, but tonight could be a problem when stronger easterlies might arise. The Fair Play wineries will be particularly vulnerable tonight. The Slug Gulch ridge is all that separates the fire from the Perry Creek Valley (home of most of Fair Play). Last night’s winds pushed the fire about half way up the ridge. If tonight’s winds are strong enough to top the ridge, it could be troublesome. Pleasant Valley wineries, and especially Miraflores, are also in trouble with the wrong winds. Let’s all send strong thoughts for westerly winds that will direct this beast of a fire (42,000 acres, 0% contained) to uninhabited forestland 🙏


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