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Known as Tribidrag (or Crljenak Kastelanski) in Croatia and Primitivo in Italy, the Zinfandel grape produces full-bodied red wines grown throughout California. In some other, warmer regions, the grapes can easily over-ripen, developing too much sugar, losing too much acidity, and developing flavors of cooked or jammy fruit. However, with the cooling influences present in the Foothills, more delicate, balanced versions are produced with fresher fruit flavors that often cover the fruit spectrum with a mélange of red, blue, and black fruit.    



2015 Amador Cellars Zinfandel

A beautifully clean and crystal-clear expression of Foothills Zinfandel. Anise and sweet spices support intense, rich, multi-colored fruit… an absolutely delicious wine from this super-hot producer! They also produce a Reserve version and a Native version that are equally impressive.

2017 Turley Sadie Upton Vineyard

Nearly 100 year old vines planted by a kickass pioneer woman produce the grapes from this complex and perfectly balanced wine that is extra lively on the palate… an amazing wine year after year. Several other versions of Foothills Zins are also available and spectacular.

2015 Fiddletown Cellars Indian Creek Vineyard

Baking spices are intricately woven within a matrix of fresh fruit… bright cherries and raspberries dance on the palate and linger on the finish.

2012 Easton Estate Bottled Zinfandel

An intriguing mix of fruit intermixed with delicate amounts of vanilla and sweet spices…velvety soft tannins and a beautiful mouth feel are highlights on the palate. Plus, Bill always releases his Zinfandels with a little age on them which makes them extra interesting and complex. 

2011 Yorba Wines, Shake Ridge Ranch Zinfandel

Black and brambly fruit on the nose give way to refreshingly fresh red fruit on the palate and lingering finish… nicely spiced and with some pleasant funkiness

2016 Scott Harvey Vineyard

History in a glass. The Original Grandpere Vineyard is reputed to be the oldest vineyard in the state. These venerable old vines produce grapes of unequaled complexity and concentration, and Scott Harvey uses a delicate touch to coax them into a flawless wine that has a finish that seemingly lasts another 150 years.

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