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Fair Play and Pleasant Valley

- Dry white wine

- Exclusively Chardonnay


Well, sorry Chardonnay drinker. Unfortunately, the Sierra Foothills is not a very hospitable climate for growing ultra-premium Chardonnay. However, there are some wineries that work hard at it and actually do a very good job with locally grown Chardonnay. In addition, there are others that source grapes from more Chardonnary-friendly regions and pour them here. So, you're not completely out of luck!

The below listed wineries each have delicious Chardonnay for you. I would also encourage that you try some other local white wines that we think will appeal to Chardonnay drinkers (go back and click "Mostly Chardonnay" for some suggestions for those). 

Based on your answers, here are the wineries we would recommend for you and the order we recommend them. Keep in mind, though, that there is no guarantee as to what a winery is pouring on a given day. 

Click on the winery for ratings, hours, and more information:

Sierra Vista Winery (Pleasant Valley)

- our Panel selection Chardonnay made in 3 different styles 

Bumgarner (Fair Play)

- Chardonnay grown at 3500 feet 

Gwinllan Estate (Fair Play)

- Chardonnay, still and sparkling (amazing Blanc de Blancs) 

Miraflores (Pleasant Valley)

- locally grown Chardonnay 

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