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Sierra Foothills of California | Wine and Wineries | Foothills Wino


Apple Hill/Camino/Gold Hill

- Sweet wine

- Sweet, dessert wine


Several Sierra Foothills wineries include one or more dessert wines in their portfolios. Some are experiments and some are regulars. All are delightful to try. Here are some of our favorites in this region. 

Based on your answers, here are the wineries we would recommend for you and the order we recommend them. Keep in mind, though, that there is no guarantee as to what a winery is pouring on a given day. 

Click on the winery for ratings, hours, and more information:

Starfield Vineyards

- Several wonderful dessert wines, if you are lucky the passito wine will be available to taste

Wofford Acres Vineyard

- Very fun Port wine

Chateau Davell

- Late harvest Viognier is amazing

And if you are willing to make a 15 minute drive to Pleasant Valley: 

Miraflores Winery

- large collection of some of the best dessert wines in the state

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