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Sierra Foothills of California | Wine and Wineries | Foothills Wino


Apple Hill/Camino/Gold Hill

- Sweet wine

- Off-dry and semi-sweet table wine


Unfortunately, this is probably not the site or the region for you. Most of the wineries here and nearly all that we review vinify their wines to dryness (i.e. they leave no residual sugar) or make wines that are designed to be sweet and enjoyed with a dessert. 


That being said, there are a few wineries that we can highly recommend. These are wonderful wineries that have a style or two that might fit your tastes. We recommend you buy a glass of the listed offerings and enjoy the surroundings. (And if you dare, try some dry wine... a lot of it is fruity enough to give you the impression of sweetness). 

Based on your answers, here are the wineries we would recommend for you and the order we recommend them. Keep in mind, though, that there is no guarantee as to what a winery is pouring on a given day. 

Click on the winery for ratings, hours, and more information:

Starfield Vineyards

- The Moscato is delightful 

Lava Cap Winery

- Muscat 

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