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A Rosé Battle

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Here’s an Old World vs New World battle for International Rosé Day. The only thing better than a crisp, dry, fruit-filled Rosé on a hot day is two crisp, dry, fruit-filled Rosés!

The Tendance Rosé from the South of France is made from the relatively obscure Caladoc grape, a cross between Grenache and Malbec. Though often vinified into a red wine, this Rosé version is wonderfully complex with delicious florals mixed with a blend of red fruit and pithy citrus. The Delfino Farms Rosé from 100% Mourvedre is one of my favorite Foothills Rosés (and there are several great ones!). Bandolian in style, but notably fruitier (tangerine for me) with a strawberry-ice-cream-ish finish. Plenty of acidity is present to keep it zesty, but with only a hint of tartness, making it scarily guzzleable.

Just sit back and let the sun shine!


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